Coca Cola North America

  • Brand: Coca-Cola
  • Region: North America

Plant Description

This historical bottling plant has been producing iconic Coca-Cola brand products for more than a  decade.

Serving a major metropolitan area in the USA, it was originally running traditional H&K filling lines, and has morphed into a thoroughly modern mega-plant with high speed filling of up to 33,000 cans per hour.

The original CO2 polishing filter system was installed in 2002 but had reached the end of its life, wear and tear led to gas leaks and a risk to health and safety.

The single filter train, designed for six months of operation, meant the plant had to plan maintenance shutdowns and often suffered delays to line uptime due to unforeseen issues that were uncovered during planned maintenance.

Our US distributor TOMCO Systems based in Loganville, GA, surveyed the clients site and assisted with calculating the plants maximum peak consumption, it was determined that flexibility was a priority, thus a dual system, sized for a 50/50 split load arrangement, best suited the fluctuating production patterns of the plant. It also ensured that the plant could run uninterrupted and never have to shut down production for this again.

The new carboguard system, designed with 12 months maintenance intervals, saved the plant a significant amount of OPEX costs by reducing filter consumables by 50%, one less plant shutdown, and one less visit by the service technician.

CRS savings were also demonstrated by eliminating the techs visit, filter consumables delivery as well as the additional solid waste from spent filter materials, attributed to the extra filter service the plant had to perform on the previous system that required two visits per year.


  • Eliminated line downtime completely
  • 50% reduction OPEX dollars
  • 50% reduction in pounds of solid waste
  • Reduction to the plants total Carbon Footprint
  • No CO2 leaks

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