quality incident protection systems

carboguard multi-barrier polishing filters are made from advanced high quality materials. The innovative modular design provides 5 stages of protection. Carbonation of water, soft drinks, beer, cider and wine is protected from unwanted contaminants impacting on the quality, appearance and sensory attributes of the finished beverage.

Unique COS removal capability' Sure Purity has developed a unique media to specifically target Carbonyl Sulphide (COS) and remove this undesirable impurity from the CO2.

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Sure Purity

Sure Purity Limited has been created to provide an alternative source for your carbon dioxide polishing filters. The company directors have over 100 years combined experience in filtration and gas polishing and are well respected within the beverage and beverage gases industry. We pride ourselves on our high quality products and the first class customer service we provide.

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What is it?

Its a "Multi-stage CO2 vapour polishing system”


What does it do?

It prevents beverage quality incidents caused by trace impurities in the CO2.

5 stages of Filtration/polishing

Broad spectrum of impurities removed.

Unique COS barrier

Maximum protection from all sources including fermentation.

Protection up to 10x ISBT limits

Quality incident protection .

12 Months maintenance intervals

Lowest cost of ownership .

24 Bar.g (350psi.g) Maximum Pressure

Install anywhere in the CO2 vapour line.

Modular, modern design in 8 sizes

Flexibility to increase or decrease size easily.

Integrated Pre and post filtration

Reduce the risk of gas leaks.

Fast Access to each cartridge

Maintenance completed in under 30 minutes by one person. Lowest downtime.


Cartridge design

A compact disposable cartridge design encapsulates the special filter media to ensure filter operation and handling is kept clean and hassle free. Easy to install and maintain.

Highly selective media

Three different high performance filter media have been selected for their ability to target specific compounds.

Multi-barrier construction

Protection from multiple carbon dioxide impurities entering the beverage production process. One cartridge includes stage 2,3 and 4 of the 5 stage multi barrier system.

High level of protection

12 months continuous protection. Incident protection from inlet concentrations up to 10x ISBT guidelines for the critical impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbon, H2S, COS and more.

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