protect soft drinks and beer
quality from CO2 impurities

pure innovation

Contaminated CO2 can have a detrimental affect on the sensory attributes of a carbonated beverage.

This is well known by beverage brand owners, breweries and bottling companies, however the retail channel like fast food and casual dining restaurants, bars and other food outlets where beverages are dispensed at the point of sale, have yet to address this issue. The carboguardmini can be utilised by breweries, soft drink bottling plants, mineral water producers and users of fountain and post mix dispensers to solve this issue.

Trace impurities found in CO2 used for beverage dispense and carbonation, can create a major negative impact on delivering a quality product. This affects the taste, odour and appearance of the beverage, and affects all carbonated beverages such as soda, sparkling water, beer and cider. Trace impurities carry over from the source of the CO2, some sources of CO2 are relatively new, these emerging sources bring with them their own source specific impurities, they can also be present as a residual carry over from the process of CO2 production. In addition, perfectly good CO2 can be contaminated by the introduction of contaminants from the cylinder or truck transporting CO2. Handling and distribution of the CO2 sometimes involves a complex supply chain. Sure Purity, a company well known for providing the solution for beverage manufacturing, have now extended their well proven carboguard range, to include a miniaturized version suitable for retail outlets serving fountain, post mix carbonated drinks and draft beer.

– Protect soft drinks and beer quality from CO2 impurities with CO2 polishing filters
from sure purity
– Miniaturised version of the 5 stage carboguard technology used by bottling plants
and breweries
– Ideal for restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and bars
– Ensures a perfect pour every time.
– Enhances the consumers sensory experience
– Food Safety guaranteed
– Easy to install and maintain

4 key features

1. Cartridge design

A compact disposable cartridge design encapsulates the special filter media to ensure filter operation and handling is kept clean and hassle free. Easy to install and maintain.

2. High level of protection

Six months continuous protection. Incident protection from inlet concentrations up to 10x ISBT guidelines for the critical impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbon, H2S, COS and more.

3. Multi-barrier construction

Protection from multiple carbon dioxide impurities entering the beverage production process. One cartridge includes stage 2,3 and 4 of the 5 stage multi-barrier system.

4. Cartridge design

Five different high performance filter media have been selected for their ability to target specific compounds.

– 6 months service intervals
– Unique COS barrier
– Easy maintenance access – Service within 10 minutes
– Highest levels of protection from a broad spectrum of contaminants
– Quality incident protection up to 10x greater than ISBT guidelines
– Continuous polishing to protect against trace impurities
– Robust protection with 5 stages as standard
– Optional stage 6 to protect against microbiological cross contamination
in breweries or other sources were this is deemed a risk

Utilising advanced adsorption technologies
in a multiple media arrangement. As opposed to loose fill, carboguard
uses a snow storm filling technique
to fill our cartridges.

This ensures:
– Uniformity
– Equal resistance to flow
– Optimal contact time between gas
– No channelling or bed fluidisation
– Greatly reduces media attrition
– Very low particulates

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