Carboguard systems provide 5 stages of protection to prevent CO2 related quality incidents - including protection from Carbonyl Sulphide (COS). The modular design and wide range of sizes enables a close match to the plants CO2 demand. The system can be installed either in the main CO2 vapour line (after the evaporator) or smaller dedicated systems can be installed on each production line. Carboguard systems are designed with cartridges that last 12 months in service, whilst providing maximum levels of protection against a quality incident of up to 10x ISBT limits. Easy access to individual cartridges means maintenance can be done in under 30 minutes. Carboguard has the the lowest cost of ownership, optimum servicing and peace of mind. With 8 models in the range, we can supply any size beverage bottling plant, brewery, winery or small CO2 producer.

Carboguard systems are rated for a maximum working pressure of 24bar.g (350psi.g) so can be installed at any point of the CO2 vapour system.

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Cartridge design

A compact disposable cartridge design encapsulates the special filter media to ensure filter operation and handling is kept clean and hassle free. Easy to install and maintain.

Highly selective media

Three different high performance filter media have been selected for their ability to target specific compounds.

Multi-barrier construction

Protection from multiple carbon dioxide impurities entering the beverage production process. One cartridge includes stage 2,3 and 4 of the 5 stage multi barrier system.

High level of protection

Twelve months continuous protection. Incident protection from inlet concentrations up to 10x ISBT guidelines for the critical impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbon, H2S, COS and more.