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With its modular design and small compact footprint, carboguard is easy to extend when you need, so only buy what you need today and extend in future.

With 8 models in the range, there is a model to suit every application. Choose between locating your polisher centrally after the vaporiser, you can add a stand-by module for back-up or split the load across two modules, or even consider going smaller and dedicating one to each filling line, we have a wide range of solutions.


4 key features

1. Cartridge design

A compact disposable cartridge design encapsulates the special
filter media to ensure filter operation and handling is kept clean
and hassle free. Easy to install and maintain.

2. High level of protection

Twelve months continuous protection. Incident protection from
inlet concentrations up to 10x ISBT guidelines for the critical
impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbon, H2S, COS and more.

3. Multi-barrier construction

Protection from multiple carbon dioxide impurities entering the
beverage production process. One cartridge includes stage 2,3
and 4 of the 5 stage multi-barrier system.

4. Cartridge design

Three different high performance filter media have been selected
for their ability to target specific compounds.

– 12 months service intervals
– Unique COS barrier
– Easy maintenance access – Service within 30 minutes
– Highest levels of protection from a broad spectrum of contaminants
– Quality incident protection up to 10x greater than ISBT guidelines
– Continuous polishing to protect against trace impurities
– Robust protection with 5 stages as standard
– Optional stage 6 to protect against microbiological cross contamination
in breweries or other sources were this is deemed a risk

Utilising advanced adsorption technologies
in a multiple media arrangement.
As opposed to loose fill, carboguard uses
a snow storm filling technique to fill our

This ensures:
– Uniformity
– Equal resistance to flow
– Optimal contact time between gas and media
– No channelling or bed fluidisation
– Greatly reduces media attrition
– Very low particulates

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