Royal UniBrew Europe

  • Brand: Royal Unibrew
  • Region: Europe

Plant Description

This International Brewer also bottles soft drinks for a global brand. Following the introduction of a new quality initiative the brewer invested in multi-stage polishing filter system from Sure Purity.

The client previously operated a 2 stage CO2 polishing filter system, installed in 2000, it consisted of activated carbon loosely filled into a pressure vessel and a particle filter, they were experiencing operational issues due to the design of the loose filled carbon vessel, channeling is a common issue creating pressure drop issues and reduced contact time between the gas and the filter media.

The two-stage system did not comply with the new quality mandate so the decision to invest was made.

After a consultation with Sure Purity the client chose 2x CG-06 models which gave maximum protection at higher flows, as well as the ability to run on one system during periods of low production.

The new Carboguard system, designed with 12 months maintenance intervals, saved the plant a significant amount of OPEX costs by reducing filter consumables, having one less plant shutdown, and one less visit by the service technician.

CRS savings were also demonstrated by eliminating the techs visit, filter consumables delivery as well as the additional solid waste from spent filter materials, attributed to the extra filter service the plant had to perform on the previous system that required two visits per year.


  • Eliminated line downtime completely
  • 50% reduction OPEX dollars
  • 50% reduction in pounds of solid waste
  • Reduction to the plants total Carbon Footprint
  • No CO2 leaks

One Happy Customer!

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