2020 new year, new decade and exciting times ahead for Sure Purity and the CO2 industry. During such times, it’s always worth at least a little reflection on what’s gone before and how we can carry that forward – and in looking back, 2019 was certainly a significant year for Sure Purity.

Sure Purity launched a new product at the end of 2019. The new multi-stage CO2 vapour polishing system for the beverage industry has been very well received.

We start the New Year with a healthy order book and continue our global roll-out with a strong presence in 10 new countries.   Sure Purity received approvals from two major Global soft drink brands.  With the addition of new team members we increased manufacturing capacity by 50% with further capacity coming on-stream in early 2020.

Sure Purity starts the year confident that 2020 will be a great year!  We are very mindful that we have all of our customers and associates to thank for their business in 2019.   Our success in 2019 and to date includes the growing and ever demanding global CO2 business.

We have all heard about the fragilities in the CO2 supply chain and there’s a good chance that we have all experienced it first-hand. In particularly during those huge shortages in Europe during 2018. As the landscape and supply chain for CO2 shifts with new sources becoming prevalent, the need for point of use protection is now more than ever a critical control point for this important ingredient gas. We deal more with the end-user at Sure Purity,  a bottling plant for example.  One of the challenges our clients face is maintaining a consistent supply of CO2 that meets their stringent quality requirements.

The range of potential impurities is vast and continues to grow as new source specific impurities are discovered. We all want these new source types and circular economies to be successful the world over for many reasons, so it is imperative that we fully understand the feedstock and tackle those impurities. There is a lot of work underway in detecting and eliminating impurities, and as 2020 begins there is still much to do. This extends from the recycling and production end of the supply chain right the way through to end-use, and that is where we will again be dedicating ourselves; to cleaning up rogue elements and providing the end-user with the assurances they require.

The kind of CO2 polishing filters that Sure Purity provides are now a mandatory requirement for many global beverage brands. These filters become the final barrier/protection from a quality incident, they act as an insurance policy and give peace of mind to the user.

Sure Purity manufactures the Carboguard 5 stage polishing filter system for carbon dioxide vapour, an in-plant system used by bottlers, wineries and breweries to ensure the gas meets the stringent requirements of the beverage industry and prevents the costly spoilage of the beverage by contaminated CO2.

The Carboguard range provides the greatest level of protection from the widest range of potential impurities including the troublesome Carbonyl Sulphide. These systems not only protect from the more commonly found impurities, but also some of the newer source specific impurities being discovered. With a 12-month cartridge service life and up to 10 times protection to ISBT limits, Carboguard offers unbeatable protection, thus providing beverage producers the greatest peace of mind and quality assurance. Furthermore, we will soon introduce the Carboguard Smart system, which features innovative intelligent monitoring capabilities such as CO2 flow, temperature, pressure and maintenance status alerts. This status information can be accessed remotely on a PC or smartphone app.  It is used to determine effective filter capacity to potentially extend maintenence intervals beyond the traditional limit.

This new system is also a good example of where CO2 meets digitisation. Sure Purity is the first filtration manufacturer to offer this capability, by utilising the latest IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology and common Industry 4.0 protocol.  It can be seamlessly integrated into the latest Smart manufacturing platforms and allow the user to automate maintenance, filter consumable replenishment and on-time service.

It is an interesting and varied role working in the global CO2 business. From sourcing to polishing to the digital revolution in CO2, it looks like we are on the verge of another busy and exciting year ahead for our industry. Its also worth noting the updated guidelines for Bulk CO2 quality is now live and available from the international Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) and available Free of Charge on the website to all members.

If you have any questions about protecting your carbonated beverage and ensuring gas quality feel free to contact Gary.

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Gary Robson